Monday, July 4, 2011

North Carolina Fishing Adventure

I was in North Carolina for a wedding recently and was invited to go offshore with my wife's younger cousins and our brother in law.  The 3am forecast was looking bad and because I am a land lover, our cousin Rob took pity and canceled the early start.  We had almost made other plans when the wind laid and the seas calmed.  We got the call and were on the water by noon.  We found bait fast and ran just 5 miles to Rob's first spot and immediately started getting bites.  I love fishing the ocean because you just never know what you'll catch and sometimes you feel like the fish might actually pull YOU in the water.  Big thanks to Rob and Laura Orr, Cameron Mitchell and Uncle Robin.  You guys all ROCK!
Here are a few pictures of our adventure.

Our Captain and 1st mate, Rob and Laura Orr.

Bait ball-Menhaden

Cameron made a good throw and got all the bait we'd need for the day.

Cameron putting the screws to the 1st Cobia of the day.

Nice Cobia Cameron!

Cameron showing off his gaffing skills.

No Soft-Hackles here.

Capt. Rob gets em' up quickly.

Family and fishing.

As we would bring up the bigger bottom fish, a school of smaller jacks would follow them up.  The next time it happened we were ready with the fly and everyone got a rod bent.

These jacks look small, but they were quite the tuggers on the 9wt.

I got into an all out slug fest with this Amberjack.

Our trusty vessel, the Jones Brothers 26' Cape Fisherman.

Final tally:  2 Cobia, 3 Grouper, 8 Black Bass, a pile of small jacks, 2 released Amberjacks, and a whole lotta fun!

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