Friday, July 8, 2011

Desert Bighorn Sheep Field Judging 1

Ram on the right

Ram on the right

 These are all pics of the same Desert Bighorn Sheep.  What does this Desert Ram score?  How old is he?

There were several guys on my facebook page that got really close with the score of this ram. I just added a bunch of pics(see below) with the text of the score on them.  I was fortunate to take lots of photos and video of this ram.  He was harvested by Kary Bloomgren in 2009.  The game and fish score was 167 4/8 and aged him at 7. (seems the G&F always comes in 1-1.5 inches smaller) I heard that he officially scored 169 net.  I heard that he grossed right at 170.  For the record I never saw the official score so dont quote me on the official.  Left side-32 1/8, base 14 4/8: right side 35 3/8, bases 14 3/8 (dont know the other quarter measurements).  congrats to Kary the hunter.

I forgot to mention that Glenn Hall had nicknamed this ram "the rattlesnake ram" during scouting in 2009 for his hunt.  I find that doing this sort of thing helps my field judging ability.  I will be posting another soon.

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