Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Season of Cabelas Spring Thunder

I am proud to announce our partnership with Cabelas Spring Thunder, which is a weekly webisode all about Spring turkey hunting.  We have contributed video footage from our spring turkey hunts for several years to our friends who produce the show at  Aaron Warbritton is the host of the show and he does a fantastic job of creating a entertaining, informative and very educational show.  Aaron in his own right is one of the best turkey callers and hunters in this country.  In the March 2 Episode of Cabelas Spring Thunder, titled Scouting Homework, he features a some Gould's turkey hunt footage from some of our hunts last season at  Watch below.

My nephews, Will and Jay Pyburn, and I head to Central California this coming week to hopefully bag a couple of Rio Grande gobblers on the California Spring Turkey Opening weekend.  We will be filming the hunt and hopefully be able to capture some good footage for the show.  Make sure to follow Cabelas Spring Thunder this season!

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