Saturday, March 7, 2015

National Turkey Calling Champions Billy Yargus and Scott Ellis talking Turkey Hunting

I recently went to the NWTF National Turkey Hunting Convention in Nashville, Tennessee and had an unbelievable time checking out new turkey calls, decoys, and other turkey hunting equipment.  One of the highlights for me as a turkey hunter is getting a chance to go to the Grand National Calling Contest which is the equivalent of the Super Bowl for football fans or the World Series for baseball fans.  The best callers in the world assemble to compete for the title of the "NWTF Grand National Champion"

All of the callers that enter into the contest are amazing and they had to have won or placed very high at their state level in order to compete.  Their are many divisions of the contest including youth, head to head, friction, gobbling and the Senior Open which is the Best of the Best.  In 2013, I literally listened personally to all of the preliminaries and the finals.  This year I just went to the Friction and Senior Open finals.  If you missed it and like turkey calling and the process of trying to improve your calling.  Check out Shane Simpson's site,, he has every contest on his site where you can listen to all of the competitors.

As host of the Jay Scott Outdoors Western Big Game Hunting and Fishing Podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing three 2015 Grand National Champions, Billy Yargus the Senior Open winner, Scott Ellis the Head to Head Champion and Joe Slaton the Gobbling Champion (episode to air soon).  They all are demonstrating their calls and discussing turkey hunting strategies.  Listen as they breakdown scenarios on from roosting birds, setup on roosting birds, calling to roosted birds, run and gun techniques, and many other calling scenarios.  If you are going on a turkey hunt this spring these are three episodes that you don't want to miss.

Episode 8:  2015 Grand National Champion Senior Open Finals Billy Yargus Interview

Episode 5:  2015 Grand National Head to Head Champion Scott Ellis Interview

Episode ?:  (Coming Soon waiting to be edited) 2015 Grand National Gobbling Champion Joe Slaton

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