Monday, October 27, 2014

Darn Tough Socks and Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Update 3

The scouting continues for Arizona Desert Bighorn sheep and we have been having a lot of fun looking at rams!  The desert is in full bloom but finally looks like it will be drying out somewhat over the next few days.  Darr turned me on to some socks that I really like called Darn Tough.  We went on healthy hike the other morning and I thought the socks performed very nicely.  I don't like a sock that makes my feet feel clammy.  These did not disappoint.  These are the full cushion over the calf model.  I think I am going to get 4-5 more pair.  On another note the gnats and mosquitos are absolutely the worst I have seen in a long time.  You can see in the photo below those are gnats hovering around.  November should bring more mild temps and that we be a nice change.  The sheep seem to be grouping up and we are still continuing to see rams nosing around with the ewes quite a bit.  If you are scouting for a sheep tag remember to give it everything that you got because it only happens once in a lifetime.  Don't leave anything on the table that you will regret!  We are updating our Jay Scott Outdoors facebook page and instagram everyday with videos and photos of the scouting adventures, come follow us if you are not already. 

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