Thursday, October 23, 2014

Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Scouting Update 2

We have about 37 days until the general Arizona Sheep season opens and the range conditions are looking very good and green.  The sheep are doing well and their bodies seem to be fleshy.  We have been turning up new rams almost daily.  We will be happy to get thru these records temperatures of 96 degrees and cool back down into the 80 next week.  We keep saying any day now the weather should turn for the better as we start a gradual cool down into winter.  It cannot come soon enough.  Snakes, Snakes and more snakes!  Be careful out there!  The tall grass is hiding these little buggers pretty well.  I had an unwanted glassing partner the other day coiled up next to where I was going to sit.  We have been posting regular updates on the Jay Scott Outdoors facebook page so you might want to follow us there as well as our Instagram accounts at #jayscottoutdoors and @darrcolburn.  We have reached a milestone on our YouTube Channel at 1015 subscribers.  Thanks so much for subscribing and following our adventures.  Lord willing this scouting will pay off for us and our client will be able to harvest a real nice ram!

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