Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Darn Tough Socks Gear Review

By Darr Colburn

Last fall I came across a product that was a game changer for me and the people I share hunting camps with.  I have tried other wool socks in the past and have not liked the fit and feel of them.  Until last fall I was wearing another well know brand of socks.  These socks were fine but my feet tend to sweat a lot and at the end of the day my feet and boots smelled awful!  I tried all kinds of foot sprays and powders but nothing worked very well.  I was forced to keep my boots and dirty socks outside of the tent or trailer I was staying in.  Last fall I purchased my first pair of Darn Tough Socks.  I wore them on a few hikes and day hunts and really liked the fit and feel of them.  I also immediately noticed that my feet, boots and socks no longer smelled awful at the end of the day.  I even took this a step farther and wore the same pair of socks for three days straight on a coues deer hunt to see if they would start to smell.  After three straight days in the same pair of socks I had Jay smell them to prove how good the socks are and that there was no odor (This is what good hunting partners are for!) .  I was amazed that there was no odor to the socks, my feet or my boots after three straight days in the same pair of socks!  I was totally sold and spent over a hundred bucks loading up on socks.  You get what you pay for with Darn Tough Socks!  These socks are made is the USA and carry a Life Time Replacement Guarantee.  If the socks wear out just send them back and they will send you a new pair.  The Darn Tough Socks feature a padded heel and toe and are made of a merino wool blend.  The socks don't bunch or slip like other brands I have worn.  These are the only socks in my bag now days!  Here is a description of the socks from the Darn Tough web site.
 Darn Tough Scent-Lok® socks are knit with odor inhibiting, fine gauge, shrink treated, Merino Wool. Our hunting socks help socks conceal human scent while delivering itch free and breathable all-weather comfort in the most extreme conditions. More stitches per inch ensure a foot hugging fit. Less bulk. More comfort. Our Zero Friction Heel eliminates blisters. Cushioning along the bottom of the foot provides comfort and support. No slipping, No bunching. Darn Tough construction and Scent-Lok® technology create the ultimate hunting sock. See for yourself. Still made in Vermont. Guaranteed for life.
Cushioned heel and toes on the Darn Tough Socks

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