Tuesday, April 1, 2014

CA Turkey Hunt Photos with my nephews

I had an absolute ball with my nephews this weekend on the California Spring Turkey hunt.  We had a once in a lifetime experience when two gobblers got so close they ran into the video camera while locked up fighting.  If you didn't catch it check out our video on the post below.  My cousins son, Clayton hung with us and it was great to see our good friend and host, Craig.  California is in a severe drought and it is sad to see the hard times that have fallen on ranchers and farmers in the area.  I really hope the Good Lord sends some rain quick.  We were covered up in strutting gobblers and the gobbling was very good.  Will got a great bird with his shotgun and Jay missed one with his bow.  The DSD jake got his head pecked off by some bullies.  Love this time of year.  Mountain merriams are next on the target list.......can't wait!

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