Friday, February 22, 2013

Dr. Bob Rice's Unit 15D Desert Sheep Hunt

We got a call from Dr. Bob Rice from Canada stating that he had drawn a Unit 15D Arizona Desert Sheep permit and he was looking for an outfitter.  Darr and I were already committed for other hunts so I told Bob about our good friend Russ Jacoby.  Russ is not only a friend but he has helped Darr and I the last two years on the Arizona Super Raffle sheep hunt.  I put the two of them together and the hunt was set.  This ram was going to be Bob's Grand Slam ram.  They had a great hunt and harvested a great grand slam ram.  The 9 year old ram was checked out by the AZGFD at 167 3/8 and his right horn was 35 5/8 X 14 4/8 and his left horn was 34 X 14 2/8.  Congrats to Dr. Bob Rice on a fine ram.  To add a little icing on the cake, Bob had purchased a Mexico Desert tag prior finding out he had drawn his Arizona tag.  He went on to kill another great desert ram in Mexico about 1 month later.  Special thanks to Russ Jacoby, Dr. Bob Rice and "Uncle" Fred Ashurst for his help on the hunt and friendship!


 Below are pics of Dr. Rice's Mexico Sheep a couple of weeks later.

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