Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Buffalo Creek Ranch Elk Hunting in Colorado

Last fall I had the great opportunity to guide Elk hunts at Buffalo Creek Ranch in Walden, CO.  It's hard to know where to start when describing such a phenomenal place and operation.  Without going into too many details and specifics, the easiest way for me to applaud BCR is by saying that, if I owned and ran an Elk Outfitter, I would closely model it after BCR.  What I loved most about the operation was that the Elk are treated with as much respect as the cattle.  Through intense forestry, manager John Ziegman improves the health of the forest, specifically for the creatures that live there.  Mostly private land hunting, I rate it a 9/10 for the state of CO.  We killed a handful of bulls over 300" which most CO outfitters can only dream of.  Especially for a unit that is not a limited draw unit.  More importantly the staff rocks.  From the management, to the cook, to the guides, everyone works together to make a great experience for the client.  Here are a few pics of last year's hunts.

Scott Graham making sure the hunters' rifles are hitting spot on.  A crucial extra step to a successful hunt.

A couple of nice bulls being prepped for skinning.  BCR takes amazing care of the meat.

Opening morning of 1st Rifle was a snowy one.  This bull bugled just enough so we could find him in the near whiteout conditions.

Unmatched scenery.

If you're interested in a great CO elk hunt, don't hesitate to contact me or go to Buffalo Creek Ranch directly.

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