Monday, October 1, 2012

Early Rifle Elk Hunting in Unit 3C

I had a great time elk hunting this weekend in Arizona Unit 3C with my friends, Daniel Franco and Mike Hancock, of Burnt Timber Outfitters.  They had been watching two 7X7 bulls in particular that they wanted their early rifle hunters to get.  They were able to isolate those bulls and hunt them exclusively.  I had the honor of capturing everything on video for Cabelas Out West.  Both of the "hitlist" bulls were harvested and should score in the 365-370 range.  I am sure they will be posting pictures on there website soon of both hunts.  As always, the Burnt Timber crew showed once again that they can get it done!  The Burnt Timber boys even have their own meat locker which makes it extremely nice for their clients.  It never ceases to amaze me how well they know the unit.  The Cabelas Out West video of the 3C early rifle hunt will be posted here on this site on Oct. 11th of both hunts.  Darr's hunter from Unit 9 will be featured this week on Thursday October 4th.  This weekend was great hunting and fellowship time with two of my favorite professionals in the business!

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