Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lindsay's Colorado River Rainbow

It was just another sunny day at the office until Lindsay's 6wt. Winston doubled over.  We actually doubled up when this fish hit, but luckily the other rainbow popped off.  After a few passes near the boat, we realized what was on our line and the boat got awfully quiet.  After a 10min fight, this  giant was showing some fatigue and the whole boat worked as a team to land it.  Lindsay's husband Jim netted it  and as he lifted the fish out of the water my net broke from the weight.  Thus the fish was named the "Netcracker".  This fish could not have been caught by a more enthusiastic, well minded, and deserving angler.  Even on days when the fish don't bite, Lindsay never says boo!  We taped the fish at 27", but I think we could've stretched another inch out of it.  Congratulations again Lindsay on the fish of a lifetime.

The "Netcracker"

Proud guide

Ecstatic angler

Released to fight another day.

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