Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spring Scouting

Darr and I got out the other day to check out some new sheep country.  We had a great time and even had a few rain drops fall on us.  We were able to glass up several rams and put some serious miles on the Ranger.  Temps at daylight were in the low 50's and the highs were in the sixties by midday.  We had a stiff breeze from 15-35mph.  We both were wearing our new KUIU Attack Pant, Merino Wool 185 Zip Tee Shirt, Guide Vest, and KUIU Guide Jacket.  I have about 14 days into my new KUIU gear and several things have stood out to me.  First is the comfort, second is the athletic fit, third is the quality materials that the stuff is made out of and lastly the stuff is so lightweight yet durable.  I am looking forward to getting to Colorado this summer and testing the raingear out in the afternoon rain storms while catching some big browns.  Both the guide jacket and Chugach (rain) jacket have pits zips and are stretchy to make the garments extremely comfortable.
Darr doing his thing

Do you see Darr?  Distance of 30 yards.

Rain drops bouncing off the KUIU guide jacket

Do you see me? Distance 40 yards.
Ironwood Blossoms

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