Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tyler Hall's 2011 Archery Coues Buck

My friend Tyler Hall just harvested a real nice Coues Buck!  Here is Tylo's story,"Long story short, I was blessed with this beautiful buck with a few days left of the bow hunt. I glassed him up at first light, watched him until he bedded and was able to sneak in and get a shot. Unfortunately, my shot was a little far back so I decided to sneak out and hike around to where I had left my pack and binos. I started glassing into where I shot him and was able to glass him up going into a small cut just as it got dark. I was back at it at first light the next morning accompanied by my friend Trale. After scouring the cut that I last saw him in the night before and not finding any blood, we began walking grids of the area hoping to get lucky. After about an hour of searching, Divine guidance led me to my buck. He had somehow broken his G3 on his right side sometime during the night. He must have taken a tumble because I found some hair on some rocks 5 yards above where he laid. I thought I would dig around in the grass and rocks uphill from him and couldn’t believe my eyes when I found the point he broke off. To say the least, I feel very blessed to have had it all work out for me like this. I want to thank my buddy Josh for backpacking into the area the weekend before with me and my buddy Trale for packing some meat out of the canyon for me. Sometimes it just all works out!"

Another fantastic buck Tyler Congrats!

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