Thursday, May 14, 2015

2015 Gould's Turkey Hunt with Ronell Ainley

The first hunt of the 2015 Mexico Gould's season was with good friends Craig and Ronell Ainley.  See the video below of the full hunt.  Click here to see a full photo gallery of the hunt on our sister website  I will be posting all of the photos and videos of the 2015 Gould's Turkey season soon.

The Jay Scott Outdoors Western Big Game Hunting and Fishing Podcast brought to you by has had some amazing guests on lately and the feedback has been phenomenal.  In case you have missed the latest episodes click on the link below to listen on iTunes for FREE.  You can also listen on PODBEAN for FREE.

Episode 19 and 20-Advanced Techniques for Better Elk Calling with Steve Chappell Part 1 and 2
Episode 21-Elk Hunting Giant Nevada Bulls with Trevor Marques
Episode 22-The Mountain Project-Filming, Editing and Producing with Chase Christopher and Jay Park
Episode 23-Matt Woodward of Borderland Adventures
Episode 24-Elk Hunting with Brendan Burns
Episode 25-Elk Calling and Hunting with World Champions Bryan and Brayden Langely
Episode 26-Bowhunting Elk with Casey Brooks

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