Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Paul Colburn's First Turkey

By Darr Colburn

We had a great time hunting turkeys this past weekend on the White Mountain Apache reservation.  Michael Turner who won the raffle Gould's tag had purchased tags along with his friend to hunt out of the Sunrise camp on the White Mountain Apache reservation.  Michael shot his Gould's early the first day with Jay and headed to the White Mountain to hunt.  They arrived several days before the hunt started and a family member had some health issues so they headed home.  They offered the tags to Jay but he had already committed to go to the Maverick camp with some other friends so he offered the tags to my boys Parker and Paul.  We jumped at the chance to go up and hunt the reservation.  My boys were so excited for the opportunity!  We packed up and left Thursday afternoon to hunt for three days.  Paul connected on his first turkey right off the roost after he came in strutting and beat up the Dave Smith jake decoy.  Here is the video of Paul's hunt.  I will post more pictures and the video of Parker's hunt later.  We had a great hunt with our guide Bernard and his son Brandon.

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