Saturday, December 27, 2014

Averi Elms AZ Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt Photos 1

I tell people all of the time that as an professional outfitter I have the best job in the world.  This past week was a perfect example of why I love to do what I do.  I had the pleasure and honor of guiding someone that only comes around once in a blue moon.  12 year old Averi Elms from Baker City, Oregon drew a desert bighorn sheep tag in the deserts of Western Arizona.  Her Dad Russ called when the credit cards were hit thinking he had drawn a sheep tag because of the amount of points he had.  To all of our surprises it was not Russ but Averi his daughter that has drawn with 2 bonus points!  Russ told me that Averi was very involved in school and athletic activities and would not be able to start the hunt until December 19th.  I was excited for the adventure because Darr and I have been watching a really nice ram in this unit since 2010.  As it turned out, the ram was harvested by the other tag holder on the second day of the hunt and he was the largest ever shot in the unit at over 180 inches!  A unit record!  Wow!

I arrived about a  week early for Averi's hunt and began scouting.  I would send reports daily to Averi and her Dad.  I always smiled when I got Averi's responses because they always had smiley faces and little winking icons.  A positive vibe was already forming and I was energized to find some nice rams for Averi.  They arrived on the morning of the 19th ready to hunt.  Our hunting party consisted of Averi, her Dad Russ and Grandpa Ed Elms.  We covered lots of country for five days and saw many sheep including rams, ewes and baby newborn lambs.  I am working on editing the video of Averi's hunt so I wont spoil all of the details.  This hunt was very refreshing because of the attitude of our party.  Averi is one of the most positive and energized person I have ever been around in my life.  I truly feel that the sky is the limit for this youngster and she will be able to accomplish anything she sets her mind to.  It was so nice to see the mutual respect and love that was shared between three generations of family as they enjoyed God's creation in Western Arizona.  I will let the video speak for itself but this was one of the best hunts I have ever guided in my life.  Averi made it count on the 5th night of the hunt on a ram that we had seen a few days earlier that Averi had nicknamed "Captain Hook".  I can tell you that the hunting and sporting tradition and way of life is being carried on in the Elm's family.  I cannot praise and applaud them enough for their commitment to involve their kids in such a rich tradition.

These are the new Swarovski 15X56 SLC binoculars with the Outdoorsmans Bino Adapter.  I absolutely love these new binoculars!

Captain Hook bedded

Captain Hook bedded the first morning we saw him.

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Ryan Elm said...

Averi is one of a kind. She really connected with you and had a ball. I am so proud of the girl she is becoming. Thanks for making her time in Arizona a great experience she will never forget.

Uncle Ryan

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