Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Scouting Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep III

The sheep rut seems to be slowly but surely coming on.  Darr has been scouting a bunch and working on a killer tan :).  The photos he has been getting are pretty amazing and I am beginning to think professional wildlife photography is right up his alley.  We can't wait to share all of the photos and video when the time is right.  It is hard to believe that these sheep don't seem to be bothered one bit by the temps over 100.  The monsoon seems to be perking up and things are looking very bright for the fall hunting season with Colburn and Scott Outfitters.  I keep praying that the forecasts are true and our moisture comes stronger than normal.  That would be fantastic!  We are going to be rolling out a new video series called FROM THE FIELD with Colburn and Scott Outfitters.  I hope you enjoy!

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