Tuesday, June 17, 2014

6/17/14 Colorado Fishing Report

The fishing is starting to heat up in Colorado!  Danny Bright and I went out on the Lower Eagle yesterday and floated the raft on her maiden voyage for the year.  My hands and shoulders are definitely feeling it today!  Dano caught a few nice fish but the river is flowing over 2850 cfs and the shots were few and far between.  I bet in another week the clarity will be much better and the pockets will open up.  Check out my friend L Dean's photos of a couple of big rainbows he caught here in the Roaring Fork Valley.  My net looks little compared to his big rainbows!  It is great to see the rivers flowing big and healthy.  Over the next week to 10 days things should really open up.
Check out the spot where a Heron poked at this Brown

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Zach Moore said...

Oh man....I can't wait to get up there, man!! Thanks for feeding the anticipation!

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