Thursday, May 15, 2014

2014 Mexico Gould's Turkey Season Photos and Video

We just got in from spending 14 days in Mexico hunting Gould's turkeys.  We had 10 hunters that harvested 15 birds!  We were able to capture some great photos and videos of each hunt and we are excited to share them with you.  We will be featuring all of the hunts on our sister page at GouldsTurkeyHunt and ColburnandScottOutfitters, keep checking them over the next couple of days to see the latest videos and photos of each hunt.  You can also view the photos on our GouldsTurkeyHunt facebook page.  Below are a couple of Gould's turkey photos from our trip and a video below.


Check out the video of the first group of hunters from Mississippi who completed their Royal Slam with an opening morning double!

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Arizona Wanderings said...

After the shot, they looked more like a covey of quail flushing there were so many of them. Awesome vid as always. I got to go down there with you one of these years.


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