Monday, February 17, 2014

AZ Archery State Record Rocky Mtn Bighorn Sheep Video

Brian Rimsza had his AZ Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep panel scored today and it ties the current state record at 176 4/8 Official Net and 178 1/8 Gross.  This is a great honor for Brian who is a very accomplished bowhunter and he worked really hard on this hunt and I am very proud of him.  He put in lots of time scouting and was totally prepared for this hunt.  He literally "left it all out on the field" on this hunt.  His goal from the beginning privately was to find a ram that would rival the awesome current state record ram held by another very accomplished archery hunter Barry Sopher.  I have to say that the wind was let out of our sails a bit when both our #1 and #2 rams were harvested on the first hunt.  We thought that the #3 "Long Ram" was going to be very close but we were really worried about the large chip on his left horn.  Check out the awesome video below that our friend Jed Larson produced for Brian of his hunt.  Congrats to Brian and Nicole Rimsza for this accomplishment and thanks for letting me be involved with your adventure!

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