Friday, October 18, 2013

Arizona Raffle Desert Sheep Scouting Pics

It was great to get out into the Arizona desert and do some scouting for the upcoming AZ Raffle Desert Sheep hunt.  We are very fortunate to be chosen as the guides for the hunter from Maine.  This will be the third year in a row we have guided this tag and just feel honored to be involved.  We are all excited to get the hunt started and begin our adventure.  The Good Lord has blessed us with awesome weather for scouting with highs in the upper 70's and lows in the 40's.  The late summer rains have the western desert very green and fertile.  There is no doubt this year the sheep seem to be feeding very well and are in good shape.  We have found quite a few rams and many wild burros.  The burros seem to be taking over and multiplying like rabbits.  We will keep you posted as our adventure unfolds.

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