Tuesday, August 20, 2013

2013 Fall Season-Cabelas Out West

Well it is the time of year that all sportsman look forward to.  Some hunts across the West have been kicking off already and pics are circulating with lots of fine trophies.  Arizona has already seen some phenomenal deer harvested on the Strip and I am sure some great sheep and elk pics are soon to follow.  We are busy getting ready for elk, deer and sheep hunts this fall and the excitement level is high and optimistic.  We are proud to be involved with Cabelas again this year on the Cabelas Out West video series.  2013 should bring lots of smiles and laughs along with some blood, sweat and tears.  Tomorrow is the first of the Cabelas Out West videos to air and should feature the giant AZ Raffle deer hunt in which a 230+ buck gets harvested.  We want to encourage you guys to hunt hard and don't forget to thank the Lord above for all of the great opportunities to enjoy in his creation.  We are going to try and keep you posted on our upcoming hunts!  Good Huntin' to you.

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