Saturday, July 27, 2013

Elk Strategies-Elk Calling Question

We get questions at JSO Blog quite often and I thought this would be a good one to share with you guys, "Hi Jay, I have a question maybe you could help me with. I have had luck calling bulls in by myself this My brother finally drew a bull elk tag after 17 years, my question is when I set up behind him to call and a bull comes in that I can not see and I continue to call will it blow the bull out. How do you determine when not to call and when to call when set up behind a hunter."

Answer from Jay Scott:  I like to try to stay close enough to my hunter so that I know what is going on.  I can read the bulls reaction and the communicate with my hunter as to whether the bull is a "shooter" or not.  The single biggest problem with getting out of sight from your hunter is if a bull comes in that is not large enough and the hunter shoots it thinking it is a big bull.  It is a very dangerous position to be in when you have finally drawn a premium tag.  I have been bit several times by leaving a hunter alone then fading away while working a bull. 

Fading away can be one of the most deadly tactics to calling in a bull in to your hunter but it comes with huge consequences.  If your hunter is very good at field judging then I would say this is one of the best methods for killing bulls.  My archery hunter in 2011 Todd Brooks harvested an awesome bull by this very method.

Once you have the bulls attention and you know he is coming in just fade away and he will walk right into your hunters lap and usually give him a great shot.

In regards to when to determine to call, I like to get their attention and get them coming then just give them enough to keep coming.  Don't overcall because if you keep them guessing your position they will most likely not hang up.  If you call while they are approaching they will try to see you and then recognize that there is no elk where it should be.  Get them fired up then let them walk.  Fight the urge to call.  When you do call make it count and it needs to sound perfect.  Hope that helps.

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