Sunday, November 11, 2012

For Sale-Docter 40X Binoculars and Danner Pronghorns

Posted by Jay Scott
I have two items that are for sale today.  My Docter 40X Super Wide Angle  Binoculars ($2750.00)and a pair of Danner Pronghorns 400 gram size 11D ($75.00).

The Docters Super Wide Angle 40X Binoculars just recently came back from Germany because I banged them up on the left ocular housing.  They replaced the part and refurbished the whole binocular.  These binoculars are flawless to look at and look through.  The lenses are in absolutely perfect shape.  I was super impressed with Docter Optic customer service and have a great contact with them if you ever need it.  Email me at if interested or would like to see them.  I live in Scottsdale.  In an effort of full disclosure I cut the eyecups off of these binoculars while I used them for a great wide field of view.  When they came back from Germany they have brand new eyecups installed by the factory.

The paint on the bottom of binoculars is a little worn from being in the case.


The Danner Pronhorns GTX ($75.00) are size 11 D and have been worn two or three times.  The tread is perfect and I still have the box.  There are no major scuffs on the boots just normal stuff from wearing a couple of times.  Email me at if interested.  I live in Scottsdale.

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