Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Arizona Elk Hunting Unit 9 Report 9.11.12

As I write this post it can't be over 60 degrees with on and off light drizzle of rain.  The weather appears to be setting up perfect for this hunt.  We have been continuing to have great days in the field scouting for the archery elk hunt.  We even were able to help friend Alex Rimsza harvest his first antelope.  The elk rut seems to just be steady with not too much craziness yet.  I keep hoping they won't go nuts until the season starts.  Lets hope that points stay together through the season.  I expect the bugling will increase daily.  I haven't seen any actual breeding yet.  I expect to see it within the next week and on into the month of September.  Once again our God does not disappoint with his awesome sunrises and sunsets over Unit 9.  Enjoy the pics!

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