Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Long Range Glassing with Kowa Highlanders Binoculars

Darr and I have been using big optics for years.  We first started using Doctor Optik 40X binoculars for long range glassing.  When the Outdoorsmans in Phoenix,  announced the arrival of the 32X Kowa Highlanders, we bought a pair and have been trading time between the two on our hunts.  Over the years of using both the Kowa and the Doctor binoculars, we have come to the conclusion that the Kowas are a step above the Doctors.  The edge to edge clarity is the factor that pushed us over the top.  The Kowas definitely make us better at finding game.  We have found many trophy animals over the last couple seasons with the Kowas.  With some great trophy hunts on the horizon in 2012 for Colburn and Scott Outfitters, Darr and I felt adding an additional pair to our arsenal would be advantageous.  Now we will both have "Kowa Vision". 

I have to admit that my main concern when I first saw the Kowa Highlanders was the angled eye piece.  Once I used them consistently for about a week I got used to the angle and now it seems second nature.  The Outdoorsmans also sells a small lightweight stool that is essential when using the Kowas due to the angled eyepiece.  The stool is very comfortable and makes glassing for extended periods of time enjoyable.  There are three eyepieces for the Kowa binoculars, 21X, 32X (which comes standard) and 50X.  I think each eyepiece could have its benefits in certain applications but we think the 32X is perfect for everyday glassing no matter what kind of trophy you are after.  I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the 21X and 50X eyepeices to test out.  We appreciate the guys at the Outdoorsmans for constantly raising the bar and continuing to carry the most cutting edge hunting gear on the market!

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