Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Arborglyphs-follow the signs

     There are lots of tree carvings in the west.  Most of us are familiar with the JJ+JP surrounded by a heart located about a half mile up your neighborhood trail.  What I was not so familiar with is the art that the sheepherders leave behind.  In CO, most of our arborglyphs are from Mexican immigrant and Central American sheepherders, but sheepherders from all over Europe have worked in and left their thoughts on the west's aspens.  Some of the pictures you can run into are true works of art and usually have a story to tell.  During CO's 1st rifle season last year I found the carving below.  I've found lots of carvings in the past, but this was the first one I had seen that had anything to do with hunting or wild animals.  I figured the sheepherder had seen lots of elk here.  We  hunted the area opening morning with great success, killing two cows.  We were back three days later and called in a 5pt. bull,  a week later my cousin killed a cow there.  Next time I see an arborglyph in elk country, I'm going to pay close attention to what it says.

My group killed three elk within a 1/2 mile of this tree!
     For more info on arborglyphs here are a few links:

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Chris Roe said...

VERY cool! ...I've found only a couple like that over the years, however, one of my favorites was actually a PAINTING.

I didn't have a camera with me, but I was in the middle of nowhere (or so I thought) and noticed something strange on the side of a large aspen. Upon closer inspection, someone had PAINTED an entire mountain scene on a 8" by 8" or so patch of the trunk. It was AWESOME! It was VERY well done!

Now, when I kill an elk with aspens nearby, I scratch in the profile of one 6pt elk antler. ...someday it'll be neat to stumble across those trees and relive the memories.

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