Sunday, February 19, 2012

Long Range Shooting & Load Development

I joined up with our good friend Dan Bright today for some long range shooting.  Dan has been working on some loads for my .257 Weatherby.  We were joined by Dan's brother, dad and my brother Kirk.  Kirk just purchased a .257 Weatherby from the Outdoorsmans so it was a perfect excuse to join us.  We shot for a couple of hours before the winds came up.  Dan brought a gong made out of 1/2 inch steel that measures 12 inches tall by 18 inches wide (about the size of a deer body).  We put the gong out at 695 yards.  It did not take long before we were hitting the gong almost every shot.  This is great practive to see what your gun will do at long range.  I look forward to tweeking the loads and seeing which one I like the best.  I am shooting the Nosler 110 Grain Accubond bullets.  Most of the loads were going 3450-3500fps.  I love shooting the .257 Weatherby because it shoots flat and hits hard.

The Outdoorsmans Ballistic Turret was amazing for shooting long range.

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