Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chris Karvoski Giant Pickup Bull

Darr Colburn holding the 404 gross pickup that Chris Karvoski found

My early rifle hunter Jason Sullivan brought a friend with him to help out on his hunt.  I sent him to a point one morning to glass and on his way back to the truck he found the bones and skull of this giant bull.  There was no hair on the carcass and nothing to indicate how the bull died.  Chris's wife called the Arizona Game & Fish to see if her husband could pack the antlers out and bring them home.  Game & Fish said he could and so he packed them out after taking pictures of the bones and kill site.  Chris was also stopped by a Game & Fish officer on his way back to camp and he congratulated Chris on his great find and told him he did not have a problem with Chris taking the antlers because there was no hair on the skull or bones.  Clay Goldman of Mogollon Taxidermy scored the bull at 404 gross non typical and 398 net non typical.  The bull has a 380s typical main frame with 20 inches of abnormal points.  The bull has short main beams (51 & 52 inches) but is really heavy and has great 3rds, 4ths and 5ths.

Chris Karvoski with his once in a lifetime find.

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